Madagascar Release

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1220 S 8th Street St. Louis MO

Sunday, January 28th is the release of our Madagascar! This year we are mixing things up by offering a few variants of one of our favorite barrel aged beers. On this day you can look forward to an opportunity to try on draft and purchase bottles of our Madagascar, Madagascar Uganda, and Madagascar Port Double Barrel. There will also be Single Barrel Gift sets with a Knob Creek Single Barrel Bottle hand selected by 4 Hands along with a bottle of Madagascar that was aged in that same Knob Creek Barrel. This is not a ticketed event. Sales begin when we open at noon and go until we sell out. Allocation will be based on attendance. Beer information available below.

Madagascar | 22oz bottle | 9.3% ABV | $23
This Imperial Milk Stout was aged in bourbon barrels with whole vanilla beans. Madagascar pours a dark black with notes of bourbon, chocolate, and vanilla.

Madagascar Uganda | 22oz bottle | 9.3% ABV | $26
Our friends at Goshen Coffee Company were able to provide us with a unique micro-lot of Ugandan coffee to add to our Madagascar Imperial Milk Stout. Grown on the northern slopes of Mount Elgon and processed at the Sipi Falls mill, this coffee has strong notes of strawberry, raspberry, and plum. Madagascar Uganda has layers of Vanilla and Bourbon that blend perfectly with the complex flavors of this small-batch coffee.

Madagascar Port Double Barrel | 22oz bottle | 9.5% ABV | $26
Madagascar Port Double Barrel is a new take on our Madagascar Imperial Milk Stout. After resting in Bourbon barrels, this Madagascar was transferred into freshly-dumped Portuguese Ruby Port barrels and aged with Madagascar vanilla beans. Strong notes of vanilla dominate the aroma, backed up with a complex blend of port wine, oak, Bourbon and chocolate.

Single Barrel Knob Creek & Madagascar Gift Set | $100
This gift set includes a bottle of Single Barrel Knob Creek hand selected by the brewers at 4 Hands with a bottle of our Madagascar that was aged in that same Knob Creek Barrel. A truly unique experience to try both the whiskey and the beer aged in the same barrel.